Making your mark

image Well this is my first post so I thought that I would write about making your mark.  This is something that we teachers are in a privileged position to do each year, because we, like the pupils, get a fresh start every new academic year.  I know that I share a keen interest with many teachers in brand new stationery and it means that this is the perfect time of year as shops are busting all over with ‘Back to School’ signs.  Of course shopping centres are full of parents equipping their children with correct Teflon uniform and graffiti resistant pencil cases and the sense of relief of handing their little wonders back to the teachers is tangible.  The newness of a pristine unopened notebook almost makes it worth the return to school in its own right.  I wonder whether you, like me think really carefully about what is going to be on the first few pages.  We all want to start as we mean to go on and if, heaven forbid we make a mistake then we are compelled to rip out (spiral bound) or pull out matching back pages (stapled) in order to have a better go at it.  Just like the students we might remember to write the date on that first day, we might even underline a title.  The first page has so much hope on it it hard to match it to any other moment.

The great thing for staff and pupils alike is that the new term is just like that first page.  It is currently pristine, ready for everyone to make their mark on it.  I have always really emphasised with teachers how important it is to grant pupils the clean slate that comes with every September.  Try to rid yourself of every previously held prejudice, because we all change after a summer holiday.  Even worse, do not take on other people’s prejudices, let the students make their own mark.  I’ve never been a believer in New Year’s resolutions so this is the next best thing, the pristine first page of the new notebook.

Thinking about new schools, or new teachers, or new NQTs.  Well you might think you’re situation is more daunting, but it is even more free.  Your notebook is so pristine that you can create any impression you want.  You can carve out he right way forward for you.    It’s the notebook equivalent of getting to use a fancy gel pen…even better.  Summer holidays are ace.  I would hate to lose them.  They are long enough for adventures, long enough for bad memories to disappear into a hazy hot afternoon.  Everyone has the chance to make their mark with a new term.  The point of blogging for me? To make my mark.  To take time to think, reflect and hopefully encourage others to take a moment to share that.  We shall see.  At this point, it’s all good.

“Birds flying high…you know how I feel…sun in the sky…you know how I feel…reeds drifting on by you know how I feel…it’s a new dawn It’s a new day…it’s a new life for me & I’m feeling good” Nina Simone


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