About Me


I have been teaching for about twenty years all over the country in all kinds of different schools. My subject specialism is Religious Studies and teaching philosophy. In that incarnation I was chair of the Independent Schools’ Religious Studies Association for a few years so you might have seen me at Chelsea FC! I’ve taught in mixed schools and single-sex schools. I’ve taught in day and boarding, rural and urban. Recently I’ve had a particular interest in staff development, really enjoy mentoring PGCE student teachers and NQTs.

I am currently providing INSET and working with Dragonfly Training. I am available for courses on mentoring, leadership development, working with Middle Managers, pastoral strategies for girls’ education, Delivering the Perfect RE lesson, Learning lessons from overseas education, independent learning, raising achievement, differentiation, smart strategies for busy teachers, educational uses of social media and how to implement the latest research in lessons. I am also working as a tutor for the University of Buckingham on their PGCE course. I have just completed my Masters in Educational Leadership. I have a strong interest in researching leadership, personality and gender in education. Look me up on twitter @imisschalk or on LinkedIn.


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